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Uber Safety is Uber's promise

Uber puts a lot of resources towards drivers and riders safety.  Their technology is designed to keep a drivers attention on the road for each trip


Prior to a trip
Picking up a rider(s)

There are no anonymous pickups
Each rider has to set up an account with their name, phone number and email address before that can use the Uber rider app.  When you get a ride request, you will know who your rider is and Uber does too.

Uber generated phone numbers
The Uber technology will allow drivers and riders to call each other but their phone numbers are not visible so your privacy is always in tact.

On a Trip
Getting to the your riders destination

In-app GPS
After a rider sets up a pick up, you will get step by step direction in the Uber application which allows to focus on the drive not the directions.

Uber tracks your location for your saftey
Uber tracks everything to promote safety.  It's nice to know Uber knows where you are in case you need them.

mixed driving for uber

After you've concluded the Trip
The Uber experience is always being refined

No money changing hands
A riders payment method is processed after a trip so you don't have to take money and make change.  Not having to carry cash makes everyone safer.

Drivers  give feedback
Drivers rate their riders to ensure that bad riders cannot access the Uber platform.

24/7 customer support
Uber's new customer support program gives drivers access to a live support technician.


Quick response

Uber incorporates a team of specialists to immediately handle safety concerns around the clock.


Law enforcement assistance

Uber assists law enforcement when appropriate.


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