Driving for Uber pays off:
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Uber takes care of this drivers.  Uber drivers in all countries can tap into the buying power of Uber to reduce their costs on things like phones, car and much more.


Gas and maintenance

Uber has a gas fueling program that can give you big discounts at the gas station.  Get up to 15% off oil changes, new tires at Valvoline, Firestone, Auto-Zone, Macco, Meineke and Midas.

Phone programs

Uber has partnerships with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon with plans to save you up to 18% on your phone bill.  These savings will apply to your immediate family too.

Free Music

Pandora and Uber team up to give you free music through your drivers app.  It does not matter if your on a trip or not, you can access the free Pandora system.

Insurance and your money
Uber has your back on money and your health

strip health and finance

Health insurance

Stride and Uber help you get health insurance for your family.  You can connect with Stride online and get the assistance you need.

Financial management options

Uber partners with financial providers like Intuit and H&R Block with discounts and help to assist you in managing your funds.


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