Driver Phone App

The Uber Driver Phone App

You make all the decisions with Uber. The Uber driver phone application was built for the Uber driver. for drivers is designed with features that help you decide how, where, and when you earn.  With the app you'll determine where you want to drive and how long you want to drive.

Uber driver phone app

Log in

The Uber is app is always ready 24/7.  When you want to drive, log in and click: Go Online.


After you log in, you will begin to receiving trip requests in your area.  Your phone app will give you a tone and the screen will start to blink: Tap To Accept.

Step by step directions

The phone app will navigate you directly to your riders location, and Uber will notify them when you're getting close.  When you start your trip you will get the exact turn by turn directions to get them safely to their destination.

Track the revenue you earn

After each trip, you will know exactly how much you earned for that trip.  You will also get running totals after each trip for that day. Your money will be automatically transferred to your account each week, or you can have the funds immediately transferred into your account.

The Ratings

You rate your riders and the riders rate you.  Of course you want to score high ratings for all future business.

Use the tools and get efficient at making money

Uber driver phone app

Track your revenue
You will see the revenue from each trip along with daily and weekly totals.

A real time live map will show you where the hotspots and where more drivers are needed.   You can use this tool to tap into surge pricing.

Uber driver phone app

Reduce downtime
The Uber driver app will send you rider requests when you get close to your destination.  In essence, you still have a rider in your car and you have the option to accept another ride before you even drop off the current rider.  The potential new rider will know that you are still in transit with your current rider.

Cash at your fingertips
If you need cash immediately after a trip you can access "Instant Pay".


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